154130042webWelcome to our Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch website and thank you for taking the time to check us out. Please browse our site so you will know what’s happening over these couple of weeks.

My name is Ed Byrnes and I am the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church (HBC). Our focus as a church is to meet people where they are with the love of Jesus. What does that exactly mean? HBC uses the model that Jesus used in His ministry. He met people, understood people, and loved people. That’s what we do, we model ourselves after Jesus’ earthly ministry. We create ways to meet you, so that we can, (1) get to know you, and (2)  let you know that we are a church for our community. We have all seen Missouri City and the surrounding areas grow over the years. This makes it difficult for us to really know our “neighbors.” Our 1st annual Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival are a means for our community to come together where we can get to know one another.

So, please stop by and visit with us for a while. Grab a pumpkin, have a meal, play some games, and meet people from our community. We want to get to know you and our community so that we can better serve you with the love that Jesus has given to us.

Pastor Ed Byrnes

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